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Reading ELA

READING -- ALL Kindergarten students are to read 2 books at home with their parent(s) to further their reading ability. Each book (with the exception of chapter books) is to be read 3 times prior to sending it back to school to be tested on in AR. Reading the books 3 times helps the students comprehension level for testing. Both books are to be tested in AR by the end of the school week. Students may read books from home or the public library as well. Parents just need to send a note to the teacher with the book title and author. A way for parents to see if your books at home have an AR test available, click the link below and search the AR Book Finder. NO AR TESTS ARE ALLOWED TO BE TAKEN OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL. Home Connect allows you to enter your email with your child's account to receive notifications on their AR progress.
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AR Ticket
SIGHT WORDS -- There are 6 different groups of sight words that our students learn throughout their time here at BES. Sight words are words that are frequently used in our English language. Our groups are referred to as White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Cream, and Orange. Students will be sent home with the different sight word groups to practice and learn at home. After students pass each sight word group test, they will receive a tag for the media center necklace and have their name read on the announcements. Click the link below to practice the sight words online.
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